Teams come in all sizes.  They can be the 5 men on a basketball team; the dozen reporting to the CEO; or the 10, 000 who work for a company.  Teams are partly as we chose to define them.  If they are a group fully and creatively engaged in accomplishing a common business purpose, they are teams no matter what their size. 

While different teams are designed to serve different purposes and can vary widely in size and composition, we believe they all share some common elements.  Whether it's an executive team that needs to align around a new strategic initiative, or a whole company that needs to participate in the hard work of shrinking in size, each can have a sense of engagement and common purpose that drives superior performance, or disengagement that produces mediocre results.

We work with leaders with diverse business objectives to create groups - from executive teams to whole companies - with the sense of energy and personal commitment that characterize teams at their best.  We believe that teams, with their creative potential and sense of mutual responsibility, are the most productive vehicles available for accomplishing the work of a business.