Coaching, in business or sports, is about learning how to more effectively engage your strengths and resources, increasing your capacity for effective performance.  Good coaching provides the insight and the tools to help you achieve your immediate performance goals; better coaching helps you achieve your performance goals, while starting you down a path to growth that you personally own and sustain, and that has no foreseeable limits.

We Know

The engine for exceptional performance in any endeavor, professional or personal, is the strength you draw from being grounded in your own unique and valuable individuality.  It's the personal source of energy and power that comes from connecting with your own strengths and most deeply-held values.  Because your capacity to achieve exceptional results originates in who you are as a person - in the uniqueness of your experience and endowment - the coaching process we engage in is called Strengthening the Core.  In addition to task-specific skill development, we focus on the three bedrocks of performance;

Becoming fully responsible for your own life

Learning to operate more fully from your own core has many benefits.  It's expressed in an attitude of being accountable for your own performance, no matter what challenges are thrown at you.  It's being responsible for your own choices, whether they lead to success or failure at a moment in time.  It's freely investing your strengths, passion, and commitment where you truly feel inspired to do so.  It's feeling that you are in control of the one thing that you really can control, your own behavior and how you'll meet the challenges and opportunities that you're presented with.  It's treating yourself and others with respect, knowing that everyone is a work-in-progress, trying to achieve a more complete, meaningful, and satisfying life.


Being able to take effective action also means acquiring the necessary skills in undeveloped areas.  Learning new approaches to solving problems on-the-job, or how to exert effective influence on those who depend on you for leadership.  Learning to be a more effective team leader and member, or creating the conditions for a workforce to be more engaged, flexible, and innovative.  Whatever the performance challenge, we focus on addressing and filling those skill gaps in the best way possible for you. 

However, skill development is not what sets us apart.  We believe, that whatever the skill set aimed at addressing particular performance shortfalls or opportunities, the right behavior alone isn't enough.  Behavior derives its power from being connected to your personal sense of values, urgency, and purpose.  People have very sensitive antenna for authenticity.  They will accept clumsy and imperfectly-delivered skills, if they feel their leader is genuine in how he or she engages with others.  Developing that personal engine for performance, together with the right skills, is the key to success.